Review of Experimentation

Unit 1 LO3

I may experimentation, I have created three different games called; chocobreak, space bat and finally plat-former. to create these games I have used click team fusion tutorials and also YouTube (AlmightyZenTaco). in these games I have used processes and techniques which I will explain and describe how I used it, in each game. I will also clarify how I used a software to create these games and how it help me develop my skills in creating games

Processes and Techniques

In this topic I will analyse how I used these two components to form my games. processes and techniques is when a game is being created, they use different ideas needs to be placed on a sheet of paper to be able to present to a company or a group. You could also start scripting or coding you could also test your own game.


Chocobreak is a break the brick game, which falls under the game genre strategy and arcade. The aim of the game is to destroy all the bricks in the game to win, if there are collectables in the bricks then you are able to gain more points than a brick.

Processes and Techniques used

In this game I have learnt a variety of techniques. My first techniques was to be able to add my character and add the chocolate . When I added my character I had to create a box which was able allow the character to move within that area. When I had finished this part, I had to make the character move with the mouse pointer. After I had completed that I to add a ball. Once I had added the ball, I had to make the ball bounce when it hit an I added a code that once the ball hit an object it would bounce.Then I moved on to adding the poles, this was able to make the ball bounce in the perimeter. I added the chocolate, with the chocolate I had to make the ball destroy it and add points. From there I added the lives and the scores, I had to program them so that if the ball did leave the perimeter one of the players lives would decrease. But if they hit the chocolate it would add 10 to there points. Finally I added a front page and a high-score board. With this I had to program this to be able to make the frame jump from one to another by clicking a button.

Skills I developed

With the process of creating this game I have developed many skills. These skills have made me able to create more games. The skills are programming the character this has be controlled the mouse. I have also learnt to add objects from the library. The skill I have most developed in is coding the objects, I used the tutorial to help me learn how to move a character, program lives and scores. I have learnt how to make to objects collide, and make objects destroy other objects.


When I was creating this I had to add and take out certain things. In this game I wish I had added more levels, this would have made the game a bit more interest and harder. I should have change the speed of the ball to make the game more intense so that the player would have tried harder. I could have added a play again button so that the play would be able to start again.

He will fight back

He will fight back, is a simple platformer game where. The point of this game is to collect most or all of the coins,dodge the different enemies of obstacles and get try and get to the portal to complete the game. There are different levels you have to complete, and as you progress the game gets harder and harder. To create this I had to use AlmightyZenTaco on YouTube

Processes and techniques

This game I was able to show all the techniques I have learnt over a period of time. When I created this game there where some things I had to learn, for example the the platformer movement and the